we start with the basic climate questions - like, what is a cop? - and work our way towards COP21 AND the paris agreement.

Episode 1: context

We start at the beginning.  What is this climate crisis and how are people trying to solve it?

episode 4: bonn - the issues

Now that we know what's happening in Bonn, what kind of negotiation issues are coming up in the preparation for Paris?

episode 7: carbon pricing

What is Carbon Pricing and why is it important to a transformation to a low-carbon economy?  This episode won an award from the World Bank.

episode 10: divestment

There are many strategies people are using to build political will for climate action - Divestment is one.  But what is divestment?

episode 13: youth

There are thousands of young people in Paris for COP21 - what can the younger generations bring to the table to help make it successful?

episode 2: cop21

What is COP21 and why is it such a big deal for climate solutions?  And on that note, what is a COP anyways?

episode 5: bonn again off again

How were people feeling about Paris at the end of the June negotiating session in Bonn?

episode 8: china

Big changes have been happening inside China over the course of the global climate negotiations - so what is China's position today?

episode 11: paris

Almost a year after starting on this journey, we arrive in Paris!  Who else from our journey has also come all this way to COP21 and why?

episode 14: paris outcome

We have a Paris Agreement!  But what else came out of Paris?  We explore the many outcomes and what the key takeaways are.

episode 3: bonn

What does Bonn, Germany have to do with climate solutions?  We travel to the UNFCCC headquarters to find out.

episode 6: implementation

Now that we know what kind of issues are being negotiated at COP21, what needs to be in place to actually implement these changes?

episode 9: technology

If the technology exists for a transformation to a low carbon world, what does that technology mix look like?

episode 12: inside cop21

We have been talking about COP21 for months now but what does it actually look like on the inside?

episode 15: signed, sealed, delivered

It's November 4th, 2016 and the Paris Agreement has come into force earlier than expected!  So what is COP22 going to be all about?


conversation with per espen stoknes in new york

conversation with jennifer deol at cop22


conversation with renatha simson at cop21


2 degrees post-it

conversation with naziha mestaoui in paris

iNDC post-it

bonn post-it